Overwhelming Message from the Nalgao 2010 conference Arts and the Big Society in Brighton today

….’It is very important that as a city ( Brighton and Hove) we demonstrate that there is a strong and united voice in the arts and cultural sector (‘a critical mass’)’

To those that provide arts and cultural experiences for children and young people in the city , let us not only demonstrate that we are aware of the city’s Express strategy but that we are also engaging with it. With this in mind:
– the next reflective practice session is on 8th December at Brighton Youth Centre 5.30 -7.30 for further details see previous posts.

-If you work directly with Young People and want Young People to have a truly authentic part in shaping the strategy please contact Mike Roe who is leading on the Express Young People working party.

– Next Express Meeting at Jubilee library 13th Jan 2011, hosted by Jubliee library please see previous blog posts for more info and contact details.

Spread the word: If you have a twitter account please tweet these comments and the blog and let’s get everyone joining in with the conversation.


Partner at Red Design. Voluntary webmaster for Arts Express Network.

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One comment on “Overwhelming Message from the Nalgao 2010 conference Arts and the Big Society in Brighton today
  1. Reflective practice session sounds great – it’s such a valuable process that many orgs see as an add-on – not so! It’s so important to be able to reflect on what works or what doesn’t before moving forward.

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