Youth Arts Festival Deadline this Friday!

Please note that it’s is the deadline for applications for the Youth Arts Festival 2011 Friday  4th Feb.

If you intend on being involved but haven’t sent in your form yet, please drop me a line to let know if you’d still like to be involved. Equally if you’re unsure, have questions or issues please do get in touch.

I have attached the info and form again.

Best wishes


Hazel Welch

Youth Support Worker-Visual Arts

The Youth Arts Project

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Thank you in anticipation of your co-operation.

You can visit our website at

Please consider the environment, only print out this email if absolutely necessary.

Please Note:  Both incoming and outgoing Emails may be monitored and/or recorded in line with current legislation.


Partner at Red Design. Voluntary webmaster for Arts Express Network.

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One comment on “Youth Arts Festival Deadline this Friday!
  1. kim.breaks says:

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