BandBazi film showing this Sunday Jubilee Library 3 Apr


Film showing: ‘Azita’ & ‘Blackheads’ and discussion
Sunday, 3 April 2011, 2:00pm
Jubilee Library, Jubilee St, Brighton

Art installation: ‘Dear Mum: what would I do without you close?’
28 March – 3 April 2011
Jubilee Library, Jubilee St, Brighton

Organised by BandBazi and NCADC

Brighton will host an event as part of the first ever dedicated week of action across the UK to raise awareness of the experiences of unaccompanied young people in the asylum system.

Young People Seeking Safety Week will take place from March 28 to April 3 and Brighton residents will get a chance to see and hear the experiences of young people seeking sanctuary in this country who have expressed themselves in music, film and photography.

The week of action is organised by Young People Seeking Safety, a network of organisations across the UK who have joined forces to promote the rights and safety of unaccompanied young people seeking asylum in the UK.

Film director Ken Loach has backed the week of action for unaccompanied young asylum seekers in the UK. He said: “I cannot imagine how frightening it must be for a young person to leave the land of their birth to seek sanctuary in a country so different from their own knowing they will not have the support and guidance of their parents. Yet each year thousands from across the world leave behind a bleak existence to seek shelter in our country. Too often they meet hostility and rejection. This is a great opportunity to show vulnerable young people the friendship and support we would wish for our own family members.”

The art installation Dear Mum: what would I do without you close?, organized by BandBazi Youth Circus Theatre and National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC), will be displayed in Brighton’s Jubilee Library for YPSS Week 2011. The week will end with a film screening and discussion about the issues facing unaccompanied young people on Mother’s Day:

The films that will be shown on 3 April, ‘Azita’ & ‘Blackheads’, were created by young people about the issues facing young asylum seekers. The art installation has been created by unaccompanied young people and year 6 pupils from Middle Street School as through the installation they explore the theme of displacement, linked to their studies of evacuation in the school curriculum.

Every year thousands of unaccompanied and separated young people arrive in the UK. Being a young person seeking safety in this country without a parent makes them a particularly vulnerable group and even more essential that their rights and safety are upheld.

Rocky fled the Kurdish area of Iran at 14 years old, accompanied only by his 15 year old brother, to seek safety in Europe. Rocky and his brother were smuggled to Europe by an agent. They were left in Brighton on the side of the road with no idea of their location. A homeless man gave the boys the first food they had eaten in days, and took them to the police station so they could get help.

As children, both were allowed exceptional leave to remain. At 18, the brothers applied for indefinite leave but for some reason Rocky’s application was refused- which Rocky is now appealing. “I have no idea why my brother and my decisions were different – we are brothers and came to the UK together, for the same reason. It has been real hard, because I’m feeling lots of pressure about my case.”

Rocky is actively involved in his local community: “I spend a load of time studying. I also teach sports and trapeze to kids. My dream job is to be a football coach and teach gym sports in college. I would love to do that.”

Ariel Safdie, Young People Seeking Safety Week steering group member, said: “The week of action will showcase not only the many talents of the unaccompanied asylum seekers who have settled in Brighton but also give the community the chance to step into their shoes and see and hear about their experiences of a life filled with great uncertainty.”

To find out more about the events taking place across Brighton visit or email


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