Notes from Express Meeting 24th March 2011

The next Express meeting will be held on a Thursday in June at Blank Studios. Details to follow soon.

Express Meeting 24 March 2011 Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Theme: Youth Participation

Present:  Chair: Lucy Jefferies (Arts Development Officer), Anne-Marie Williams (Children’s Festival), Emily (Children’s Festival), Adam Joolia (AudioActive), Jamie Wyld (Lighthouse), David Lichfield (Phoenix), Hannah Barker (Community & Schools Development Worker), Beth Moss (Arts Development Assistant), Andrea Slater (Individual – 14-16 at City College), Sara Morton (Study Support Manager at Libraries), Mike Roe (CEO of Brighton Youth Centre), CiCi Blumenstein (BLANK Studios and Gallery), Phoebe (Art Student and Representative of Express Youth Steering Group), Kelly Woolward (Arts Council South East), Emma Collins (Music and Study Support),

Liz Whitehead (Fabrica Gallery), Ian Lawton (Bandbazi), Bex Fiddler (Brighton Dome & Festival Learning Access and Participation), Pippa Smith (Brighton Dome and Festival, Learning Access and Participation Manager), David Allistone (working with Hannah Cox on ‘Exploring Senses’), Ellie Newland (Royal Pavilion & Museums), Rachel Lackie (Royal Pavilion & Museums),

Apologies:  Philippa Vadafari (Bandbazi), Anna Dumitri (Phoenix), Susan Eskdale (Project Manager Audio Active), Lucy Castle (Reading and Learning Manager Brighton & Hove Libraries Services), Susan Stranks (Patron, Children’s Festival)

Rachel Lackie and Ellie Newland introduced the young people’s programme at the Royal Pavilion & Museums.

Including in-house Youth Forum, targeted projects, free events and activities for YP, partnership working, Cultural Olympiad Project Local Global and Design For Life project.

Downloadable resources for teachers are available here:

Discussion around schools and how to target schools that don’t visit/use services and the value of teachers packs.

LW – Fabrica – constant flux means teacher packs cannot be produced. Could arts organisations more effectively work together in encouraging teachers that aren’t confident in engaging with contemporary art?

Kelly – online resources have a wider reach. Easier for museums than galleries with ever changing programmes.

LJ – Express Network could consider trialling something together for schools?

JW – that should involve cross-curriculum-working.

Phoebe – Jamie’s Dream School has been a really successful project for getting young people interested at school. Resources need to be relevant and interactive.

Adam – Creative Partnerships cutting funding which would have allowed that to happen.

Anne-Marie – There are problems with getting YPs out during school-time.

LW – Should Express be Lobbying for an options day?

EN – Enrichment/ deep-learning Day now part of curriculum at secondary schools – could we utilise this?

Adam – Express network needs to lobby realistically and at a local level more about small things. For example – local Press – The Argus has an 8 page pull out about young people’s sporting achievements – so why not Arts, as well as sport?

ACTION: LJ to investigate putting this into practice

Suggestion that next Express Network looks at ways to evaluate and share quantitative and qualitative recording systems, arts have always struggled to quantify outcomes, but a strong joined up voice in the city could be advantageous.

LJ – a way of coming together and devising a shared quantitative evaluation framework a possibility for future meeting.

Mike Roe – Brighton Youth Centre

Mike fed back on progress re. YP group.


Have to involve them in the doing not just the decision-making but the fun stuff too. And how to take on the challenge of doing this citywide.

Promotion / Delivery / Decision-making = three different levels of participation. Ideally YPs will be doing all.

Phoebe fed back on the Express Young People’s Group meeting

Group have decided to put on a music and art event / exhibition – exhibiting Art Students work, running workshops at BYC called ‘Studio Space’

Access things like materials / life drawing models etc.

Group want to deliver workshops to younger students.

The Group wants to decide how funding is used in Brighton & Hove and how the funding is split up.

Discussion around using empty spaces / shops in the city

Hannah – conference coming up mid – June about empty places – will put info on the blog.

Discussion around Introduction of Baccalaureate means no contemporary arts at KS4 (this under review)

Develop partnerships NOW with schools (whole sector)

Annie-Marie – schools in flux – EMA cut / compulsory to 18 / uni fees – need to tailor our services to core subjects rather than art and design.

Emma – Blatchington Mill looking at arts – focused career fair                                                               Something Express could get involved with?

CW – 10% of jobs / 20% of companies in Brighton & Hove are arts-based – FINANCIAL FORCE to be reckoned with. We DO have a voice.

Anne-Marie – Buzzword in cross-curricular but need to find out what schools want FIRST then target that.

David – agrees. University students should engage more with under 18s.

Kelly – HE has funding to send students to FE – widening participation.

Lucy Jefferies updates about Express Funding application

Application not in yet.

Plan to have a Consultation Day – What do YPs want Express to look like?

Express funding application will be about projects not strategy.

Focus bid on activity – a children and YPs festival in 2012 and 2013 around March / April / May

Setting up youth arts commission to mirror Brighton & Hove arts commission.

Sit them alongside each other.

You could pay for consultation with youth arts commission.

Kelly Woolward from Art Council updates on changes in Arts Council

Introduction of Bridge Organisations – funding available – keep an eye out for opportunities.

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Partner at Red Design. Voluntary webmaster for Arts Express Network.

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  1. solange leon says:

    Thank you and apologies for having missed this meeting. Do please let us know when the next one us taking place. Best wishes.

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