[bhartsexpress] Free workshop to help strengthen funding applications

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>> Free workshop to help strengthen funding applications
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>  Branwen Lorigan, to Express
> Free workshop to help strengthen funding applications
> Would you like to attend a free workshop to help you with your funding applications? The ‘Making and Impact’ workshop is designed help charities and community groups/projects to strengthen their funding applications and overall performance through the use of effective monitoring and evaluation techniques. This 2-hour workshop is taking place at the Cornerstone Community Centre in Hove 9 September 2011.
> More than ever before organisations in the third sector, or that receive public funds, have to prove that they deliver real results that have a big impact. Applications need to outline a clear Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework to show how projects will change people’s lives and deliver value for money.
> This workshop will explain M&E and give you practical tools to help develop a robust M&E framework for your projects. This will help to ensure your grant applications stand out and demonstrate clear value. The workshop will be led by Gavin Stedman-Bryce, an M&E specialist and Managing Director at Pamoja, an organisation that supports the work of charities both in the UK and Internationally.
> To register for your free place, please contact Louis on 01273 656 026.
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