‘Art is making something out of nothing, then selling it.’ Frank Zappa.
But no-one likes selling

The majority of creative business-types will admit that the sales process is their least favourite part of the important business of making money, whether they’re selling a service, a product, their time or their art. It is, of course, a necessary evil if you’re going to be able to make the rent at the end of the month, so we’ve come up with three brilliant sessions to give you ideas on who to sell to, how much to sell it to them for and how to get them to part with their cash by marketing to them effectively.

These events offer the best benefits to attendees if embraced as a series and are designed for creative businesses that are looking to develop and grow.

Finding dream clients, banishing the nightmare ones
How often are we willing to take just about any work that comes through the door? Poor-fit clients erode our creative and mental energy, and our income, while great clients are profitable, appreciative and easier to get than you think. This interactive event will cover how to identify and find your dream customers, how to get your favourites to spend more (and tell their friends) and how to avoid the wrong customers, confident it’s right for your business.
Date: 10th October
Venue: The Basement
More info and book online here

The price is right?

Creatives can feel compromised by the need to focus on that most inartistic of commodities: money. Truth is, most successful creative businesses are as sharp as a 6H pencil when it comes to pricing and profitability. This workshop will look at what a creative business should be charging, including pricing for new business and regular customers, and using price as a marketing tool. You’re good at your art. Let us show you how to be good at money.
Date: 30th October
Venue: The Basement
More info and book online here

Marketing to the clients you want
Brilliant marketing is about carefully matching your creative products or services to a receptive and focused audience. This event reveals the thinking behind the best marketing plans, including the three Ms — Market, Message and Medium: finding your market, knowing what to say, and saying it through the right channels. Featuring insight, practical advice and real life examples, you’ll leave with a ‘down and dirty’ marketing plan that’s ready for action. 
Date: 22nd November
Venue: The Basement
More info and book online here

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