Minutes from November 2012 Meeting

Express Minutes Nov 29th .doc

Dear All,

Do wade in with inaccuarcies, but hopefully what follows is a reasonable account of our meeting last week at Boipuso Centre.  I am pasting below, also attaching.
See you all in Feb!


Minutes of Express Meeting
November 29th,  5.00 – 6.45pm, Boipuso Centre Brighton
1. Mike Roe:


reported that a number of local voluntary sector youth organisations have formed a collective to create 1 commission cf. 8 voluntary sector orgs getting separate grants.  The overall grant is about the same level as before but
Include s 50K ArtsBridge money – new money focussed @ targets: increasing the number of Arts Awards in Brighton  and developing partnership work between the youth sector and the arts and culture sector.  The one hard target is increasing the number of Arts Awards.  81 awards in the last year and Artsbridge want a 30% increase in that.
These are Mike’s thoughts:  they are not allowed to spend money on things that have already happened.    New bits of work that can be fully funded, particularly on the connections between youth sector and arts and culture sector.  Giving some money for accreditation alongside existing activity.  Eg cross-city accreditation.  Is there a need to train more arts advisers?
Money for joint training but keeping the training informal and creative
Marketing projects- esp reaching out to teenagers: involving young people marketing to other young people.  Maybe connecting a group of young people to schools and colleges – marketing any offers to young people. A central and shared project.
Creating a partnership by doing stuff  – not just meetings!
It’s a challenge for all of us to work city wide cf. locally
What’s going on with Brighton Youth Arts Festival?: Brighton Youth Fringe – last week of May which corresponds with half term
Work that is made by or focussed towards young people
The youth centre can use the popular hooks it has eg skateboarding to hook young people into other activities such as film


To run it there will be a Strategic management hub – NPOs, music hubs and young people operating at Project Management level


For a youth work point of view B & H have decided to split the city into 6 areas: new area model based on where the children’s centres are.


Beccy pointed out that many arts organisations working with young people in Brighton and Hove (and elsewhere)a re in fact not NPOs and that ArtsBridge SE was the only bridge organisation stipulating  involvement only by NPOs. How could smaller groups filter up into this process?


The applying group had to fight hard to get organisations below and around NPOs included in the agreement with Artswork – and they did.
They will do an audit of what other activity is out there doing arts awards
The marketing project will help information to flow about and all different organisations to engage
Express network is very helpful for this
Fringe festival as an opportunity for other organisations to get involved in the work at every level.
There’s a real willingness to engage will smaller organisations
Age range is set at13 – 18 (25 with disabilities).


2. Donna Close:


Update on Express bid, on behalf of the Network.  Artswork did a call for networks to make bids for a little bit of investment in order for them to develop strategically. Applied in April and October. Unofficially, we got it (3k); this money is very much about engagement with schools, based on feedback from Music Hub and artists that its difficult to get into schools. Back in 06/07 a the beginning of Express they did a call out to school and met schools and developed a list of schools champions – talked to them all and find out what their needs were.  Did a big bid to ACE that was about moving on that funding and didn’t get it and this little bit of money is an opportunity to crank that back up again.  Direct the schools toward Arts Award offer from BYC and push Arts Mark up agenda – valuing arts and culture and making it more interesting and engaging for schools.  This work can also connect with CultureShift in Creative Cafes.
Donna met with Richard from ArtsWork talking about schools champions and no one came forward from Brighton and he is going to invite Blatchington Mill to be a regional champion
Infiltrating Boards of Governors!   Working also with the young people in the school  – eg School Councils
Emily – be interesting to find out if parents’ attitudes have changed. What can we do as a sector to lobby for keeping arts in their sights? – to have it valued by DfE as part of assessment of schools league tables
Donna wlll post up some updates on the Express blog  as it develops:  David
asked how people could propose ideas? eg their Toy Hacking project is ready to go national, with toy banks
Lucy notes that it’s worth thinking about how we can use creativity to make teachers lives easier – tailoring offers to their needs


Mike – if people want to know more they are welcome to get  in touch about  ArtsBridge esp if you are running Arts Award


Clare pointed out that Creative Cafes can be run out of schools and may be used to promote Arts Award,



3. Clare Halstead
Introduced Creative Café scheme: the idea is to bring young people and people who work professionally in the creative industries together at an interactive event that is about sharing skills and talents and offers.   Fills a need for schools. Came about when Media Diplomas were introduced – when  schools were required to create bespoke learning with high turnover of contacts in the creative industries so the idea of the Creative Cafes was to build those networks through hosting a creative café event to build the event around the interests of particular young people.   They can be held any time of day, in a school or other building and are designed around the interests of the young people who are attending.
Clare shared images and video of a recent event at the Dome which was for 3 schools / sixth formers.    A creative careers fair that’s about real engagement!
The history of the project is pilot events in West Sussex and East Sussex connected to Creative Partnerships. Now they are affiliated to Culture Shift and have some Arts Council funding to create a web portal reaching out to and connecting with key members of staff in schools. Organising 12 cafes in Brighton, East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey up to next July and then 25 in the year following.  Anyone can register interest in being part of creative café.
Branwen asked about how young people’s needs are audited  – Clare explained it was very influenced by the brokerage of key teachers.  The creative practitioners  are not paid but offered the opportunity to test out an idea or to make new contact with schools and young people.
Emily & Donna suggested looking at ways to pay freelancers and independents to be involved in the project. David agreed and Andrea suggested the group of freelancers who meet in Café Nero organised by Pippa Smith on the 1st Thursday of each month.
The group agreed the importance of diversity and involving freelancers – Clare explained the website is an effective portal for these young people
Between £500 and £1000 has to be found by the partner.  Donna said this was good value.


4. Darren East
Introduced Cultures Club: as a small a participant focussed arts organisation in East Brighton.  Working with very disengaged young people many of whom suffer from multiple difficulties social, mental and economic disadvantages
His question was about how small organisation can still contribute against a landscape when all the big boys are banding together.
David suggested linking with other micros – working as a micro youth hub underneath bigger hubs  – being the choppy upstarts.   Donna suggested Thinking about linking up with bigger organisations   We have young people and look at pathways into other organisations – who can filter up.    Ownership that young people can have of this space.  Also that a success measure can be to illustrate the number of people who filtered through to larger organisations.  Emily mentioned that Komedia are seeking funding to bring in young  people who are not coming into the theatre in to see work.
Express is the network that has the key into micros and big organisation
David suggested that collaboration is the key. – if we need materials:   they are sharing via Emmaus.
Beccy Smith briefly outlined the work professional arts company TouchedTheatre is doing within young people’s mental health and their desire to make connections with other comparator orgs across the city.
Donna pointed out PCT do directly fund arts and mental health project (Tom Scanlon)
There is a regional arts in Health network that’s just been started
Very active arts Advisory board connected to Sussex Hospital – Jenny Sharpeston  – less mental health and more about putting work in hospital places. East Sussex have an very open commissioning process for health initiatives for voluntary


5. Clare shared her email address for anyone who wants to contact her: slaterfilm@gmail.com. She is teaching on a paid for accredited course  for young people. Her background is in film-making.  They are open to project proposals.


6. Next Meeting:  Emily volunteered Komedia for the next meeting in about 3 months time:  end Feb time.  David mentioned there might be an event in Brighton Youth Centre at this time that perhaps we could connect to.



Partner at Red Design. Voluntary webmaster for Arts Express Network.

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