Minutes from Express Meeting on Tues 7 May 2013

Below are the Minutes from the Express Meeting on Tues 7 May, thanks for coming those of you who were able to make it and do let me know if I missed anything.


Emily Coleman (Hijack)

Minutes from Express Meeting Tues 7 May 2013

12pm – 1.30pm at Komedia Studio, Gardner Street, BN1 1UN


Marina Kobler from Komedia, Emily Coleman from Hijack, Maddy Wilson from Hijack/Theatre Royal, Susie Deadman from Gladrags, Jim Byford from Red-Design, Lorna Palmer from BBC/Independent Producer, Brawnwen Lorigan from Brighton and Hove City Council.


Mike Roe from Brighton Youth Centre, Rebecca Fidler and Pippa Smith from Brighton Dome and Festival.



1) Brighton & Hove Children’s Festival

Marina gave an overview of the history between B&H City Council & Komedia Productions explaining how Komedia Productions (the charitable organisation linked to Komedia) were approached by Lucy Jefferies to co-produce BH children’s festival 2012. This partnership was really successful and during Lucy’s maternity leave Komedia Productions employed Independent Producer Emily Coleman to explore how they might continue this activity with the festival for 2014.

Lucy Jefferies has now left the BHCC and Emily and Komedia Productions have agreed to take on leadership of the festival going forward.

To test a small programme in the ‘off year’ between festivals, KP was successful with an Arts Council funding grant to run Hijack Family Fringe, a week of high-quality, artist lead shows and events in Komedia and elsewhere in the city – www.HijackHQ.com.

2) Hijack Children’s Festival 2014

Plans are now underway to deliver a bigger Hijack festival in 2014 using similar values from Brighton and Hove Children’s Festival, working with a range of partners across the city but returning to the Easter Holiday period.

Due to the necessary changes in how the festival will now need be funded and managed, Komedia Productions will take a curatorial role for the majority of the festival programme and will work closely with some venues and locations to programme work into. However they are still really keen to invite project ideas from other organisations into the festival through a selection process similar to that used for previous festivals.

How Brighton and Hove venues, organisations, artists and makers can be involved with Hijack 2014

A brief for project proposals from other venues, organisations, artists and makers was circulated and talked through. The brief can be found on the Hijack website and should be returned to Emily Coleman at hello@hijkackhq.com by 5pm on Monday 10 Junehttp://hijackhq.com/about-2/partners-and-friends/hijack-2014/ . (Please note we have amended the deadline from 3 June to allow more time for people to consider projects once Brighton Festival and Brighton Fringe 2013 have finished)

Emily is aware that many organisations will not know that Lucy Jefferies has now left BHCC and will not be running BH Children’s Festival from now on. Komedia Productions would therefore appreciate Express members circulating this information through your networks and encourage people to get in touch with Emily should they need any further information about the plans or the project proposal process for Hijack 2014.

3) Progress on WordPress website

Jim talked through the process of moving the Express blog to WordPress as Prosperous has been shut down. All Express related information can now be found here – https://bhartsexpress.wordpress.com/.

Emily mentioned that after posting info on the Prosperous blog a notification was sent to all the members which is really useful to ensure that people aren’t missing important information. This isn’t possible through WordPress although Jim informed us that members can get notifications if they register with Google Calendars as well as WordPress and meetings etc are updated on the calendar as well as posting a blog.

Jim has gathered 200 contact email addresses from Prosperous which he’s going to forward to Branwen to check that they are current and relevant before inviting them all to the new WordPress site.

New members should:

– Sign up with a WordPress account

– Sign up with Google Calendar

– Post information using ‘category tags’ so that posts are allocated in the correct place (ie: tag Express meeting agendas and minutes with ‘Express Meetings’ or B-Fest news with ‘B-Fest’ so they appear in the correct place on the website).

– If you have any queries about this please contact Jim

It was suggested that Hijack should have it’s own category and tab alongside B-Fest and SoundCity as it’s a relevant project for everyone involved in this network. However, as it isn’t a strategic project in the same way as the others it will just be listed as an event.

4) aob

Empty Shop Opportunity

We Are Pop-Up won the tender to manage a new initiative to use empty shop for creative businesses and projects. You can find out more information on their website http://wearepopup.com/howitworks/findspace/ with details about the Brighton scheme coming soon.

Main points to be considered include:

–       People who are interested need to submit a project proposal through We Are Pop Up

–       They will then work with you to find an appropriate shop and will negotiate costs with the shop landlord.

–       It’s likely that successful projects will be those that run for longer that 6weeks and 1 day as the landlord of the premises can then receive a rebate of their rates from the council.

–       Project to run until 2015 so longer-term project are also possible.

Arts and Creative Industries Website


Brighton and Hove Arts and Creative Industry’s Commission (formally B&H Arts Commission?) have launched a new website which explains their role within the city’s cultural sector. It is a place for them to share information arising from their quarterly meetings, news from the sector as well as funding and networking opportunities.

If you have news to share on this website please contact Brawnwen.Lorigan@Brighton-Hove.gov.uk.

Next meeting on Wednesday 10 July at 3pm. It was suggested that this meeting is to be hosted at New Writing South but this needs to be confirmed with them and added onto the Express Google Calendar.

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