Brighton and Hove Arts Award Advisor Forum minutes- 17 April 2013.

Minutes from Arts Award Network Meeting – 17/04/13



Anna Jefferson – New Writing South, Jane Dixon – ArtsworkRichard Beales – Artswork, Jo Smith – Independent freelancer, Julia Roberts – Carousel, Lucy Brown – Independent freelancer, Susie Deadman – Gladrags, Clare Halstead – Culture Shift, Gillian Tratt – SMLC, Hannah Coxeter – Youth Collective, Brighton Youth Centre & Exploring Sense.

Anna gave a short introduction about the purpose and aim of the Arts Award forum, then introduced Richard Beales a Strategic Manager from Artswork – His presentation will be made available.  Following Richard, Jo Smith gave a presentation centered on how, in her experience, Arts Award delivery often works better when embedded into the projects you are working on.

  • She pointed out that her method of embedding Arts Award to existing or planned projects only works because of the flexibility of the award. However, another requirement for this to work in that there is dedicated input from the link teachers.

A group discussion about the benefits and challenges of Arts Award was initiated.

  • Benefits of Arts Award include developing independence; leadership and the use of critical faculties are excellent to focus on.
  • Arts Award can be used to help young people lead their own arts even.
    • This is particularly true of the Silver Arts Award
    • Doing so gives a sense of real ownership

In terms of the challenges of Arts Award, there were three areas that were mentioned.

  • Scheduling
    • Flexible scheduling is important, as it needs to work around the both the project and the participants.
    • Motivation
      • Finding what motivates children and young people, to do Arts Award, who aren’t concerned about ‘attainment’ is difficult
      • Resources

Pressure on Arts Award advisors to get CYP through Arts Award may devalue it.

  • The Duke of Edinburgh Award also requires motivation and hard work to pass – however, this is accepted.
  • Current Arts Award targets and educational perception may not be helpful to the legitimacy or standing of the award.

The group put forward points that could be kept in mind, as they could help limit the challenges.

  • Arts Award should be taken into account before it is implemented in a project, otherwise it may not sit well.
  • If possible, having CYP currently engaging in Arts Award meeting with other CYP who have or are engaged with Arts Award might help to motivate participants.
  • As Arts Award allows a degree of qualitative evaluation, this can be of help when working with CYP who aren’t as concerned about ‘attainment’.
  • Arts Award becomes much easier to fit in when taken in the long-term consideration of a project.

The group went on to discuss what they would like from the forum and how they would like it to progress:

  • A session on funding
  • Everyone should bring something to share – as in any bits of information, literature, etc that may be of help to the rest of the group.
  • Advice on doing Arts Award with CYP with learning difficulties
  • A look at other people’s portfolios.
  • To be made aware of resources.

The next session will be on Wednesday 10 July: 1.30- 3.30, the topic will be funding.

Minutes from Arts Award Network forum 17.4.13

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