Arts Express Minutes – 10.07.2013

Arts Express Minutes  – 10.07.2013


Mike Roe – BYC – Youth Collective

Catherine O – Culture Shift

Julia Box – B&H Youth Service

Alison Bartlett – Hartford Infants

Ned Archibong – Culture Club

Pippa Smith – The Dome

Richard B –  Artswork – South East Bridge

Anna J – NWS

Rachel Strange – The Fringe

Susie Deadman – Gladrages

Julian Caddy – The Fringe Director

Hannah Coxeter – Youth Collective, BYC and Exploring Senses


  • Arts Express Network – structure what needs to be included

  • Culture Shift – Work with schools and what happens next

  • Marketing Group and B.fest

  • Summer Arts Offers

  • B.fest Evaluation Planning Evaluation

  • AOB

  • Next meeting

Culture Shift

Report on Website –

Questions asked-

  • Connecting schools into the network,

  • the timings,

  • other networks, the music hub

Schools feedback

  • Want to see cultural venues

  • Centralising Practitioners

  • Sharing of good practice

  • Partnership developments – lack of capacity

  • Agenda well in advance

  • Post up resources and project summaries

  • Holding meetings in schools

  • Want to hear people with passion talk Ref: Caz

  • Fringe offer of talking about opportunities in schools – ref schools that have been involved to come and shared experiences

  • September a good time

  • Cake!

  • Shared practice – photos/resources

  • What’s the link between what goes on in school and what goes on out of school

  • Getting young people in schools, so promoting through their social networks

  • Young people to be able to showcase their work/perform

  • Pippa at Dome provides meal in her school network event, gets 120 teachers, primary

and secondary – funded by the Dome. Parade – Great for networking – citywide – has history of success? Being with you peers – modeled on the structures of notting hill carnival – creating social spaces

Also runs Sept – Accessing the arts – Artists Marketplace

  • Creative cultural education network – recognition that this may need to grow and adapt

  • Teachers do read – assure we give clear information prior to this

  • Clear reason to go – Artsmark etc – CPD sub group

  • Resource – more formal – where does that come from?

  • Secondary school – often a struggle to engage out of school activities

  • Arts Champions in each school – list but used in the right way

  • Pooled mailing arts offers – Arts Champion Mailing

  • Asking Arts  -asking of the ways arts offers could be promoted in their schools- intranet – person whom does this

  • Arts Champion Page on website

Citywide youth marketing team

Marketing to organisations and Marketing to young people

Marketing group formed for B.fest and did website and flyers for this event.


How are people marketing currently

  • Depends on a cost implications

  • When subsidised can be focused on young people

  • Child friendly brighton

  • Mums nets

  • Places where young people congregate

  • Social media – more important when advertising to other young people – viral marketing

  • Important to have young perspective

  • What appeals to some young people, may not others

  • Council – only allowed to use them to design marketing

  • Due to work in schools and detached work this enables promoting face to face

  • rota to post and tweet info

  • 52 teenages going to rock shop – villages access parents

  • Marketing in clubs – short films, tagging  – technique usable and can be applied to other settings

  • Parents

  • Ring leaders in teenage group

  • Centralised facebook page/group i.e brighton youth events

  • Facebook – internet use – pictures taking off

  • Vines –

  • How and why we sustain a group like that

  • Resource – to run that – what level of work/resource is required

  • Is the offer right- street team idea – technology

  • Where are the things that are happening – school link enables the amplifying that word of mouth,

  • Wants to move forward in partnership as a city wide piece of work

  • Giving the the opportunity of marketing something that isn’t for them?

  • Arts champions – bringing in young people for example 4 young people in

  • Student equivalent to teaching champions

  • Arts for people that don’t do it in a formal setting

  • Marketing is an arts business – challenge the myth with young people if what is art

  • Promote things in junior schools, parents

Summer Arts Offers

What is happening?

Holiday programme – what are you delivering

  • Pooling offers – quite late

  • Summer fun – mag

  • Would be good for next week to do a summers arts offer

  • Parents who are stuck would look at B&H website

  • Intranets for young people/children

  • Secondary have a planner – could put events in a diary

News writing South

Summer Writing Squads – 3 different week long summer workshops

Not arts awardable – the way it works – cannot be an add on

Dome Youth Theatre

B.fest planning and Evaluation Meeting

25th July 2013

Next Arts Express Meeting

Sept 5th


Arts Express


Gladrags Costume resource

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