Arts Express and Arts Marketing Bag Meeting – Tues Nov 11th – 3pm at BYC

Hiya All,
The next Arts Express Meeting will be Tues Nov 11th at 3pm at BYC
The main agenda item will be the Youth Arts Marketing bag, discussed at the previous Art Express Meeting, we are asking all interested projects and organisations to become partners in a joint marketing plan detailed below, please attend the meeting to find out more.
Arts Express – Youth Arts Marketing Bag
  • To assure citywide arts offers to 13-19years are more effectively promoted to all young people 13-19years across Brighton and Hove.
  • To reduce the impact on Schools by having a “once a term” delivery of  publicity that is coordinated across a number of organisations.
  • To reduce the amount of time that organisations need to spend publicising in schools by sharing visits across organisations.
  • The share the cost of publicity and School/College visits.
  • To provide a clearer more coordinated offer to Young People of the range of opportunities available across the City.
  • To create greater opportunities for partnership work through greater understanding of other organisations offers to Young people.

Create a partnership of organisations to market to the 13 -19 age group in Schools and Colleges to:

  • Develop marketing bag/envelope that will include publicity from all partners involve to promote their creative offers in a 10,000 distribution.
  • Learn about each organisations offer and share visits to schools and colleges to cross promote the whole offer.

All partners will be invited to a meeting Tues December 2nd at 3pm to share their project with partners.

Each organisation will be responsible for delivering at least one assembly and lunchtime stall in one Brighton and Hove School in Jan 2015.

Brighton Youth Arts Team are currently looking at costing and design options for this and will bring options to this meeting
If you are interested in being part of this please attend the meeting and bring;
  • Examples of the promotion you would like in the bag, to get scale examples.
  • Info about the secondary schools your organisation have contact with.
  • Print firm contacts/info.
  • Information re: budgets you/your organisation could contribute to the production of the bag.

If you cannot attend, please let us know if you are interested in being a partner.

Please email with any agenda items you would like to add.
Brighton Youth Arts Team
Mike Roe: 07766 52134107766 521341
Hannah Coxeter: 07900264600
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