Arts Express minutes 9.9.14

Arts Express minutes 9.9.14


Contributions of memorable/significant stories and experiences

relating to Brighton were invited by Debo from NWS


David Allistone discussed Exploring Senses Young Inventor Centre Project


We took part in a marketing and publicity brainstorming


Key points


Word of mouth

Using existing group to follow on and to market to others

Long term sustained engagement

Time-Begin marketing at conception of project

People need to see info in 3 different places

Work in partnership with Schools

Amongst organisations use co marketing and share contacts

Endorsements from role models/figure heads/authentic industry

partners EG Audio Active and The Great Escape

Track progress of previous participants to show to new ones

Celebrity ambassadors

National initiatives EG Digital Festival

Authentically market, do nor bribe! EG big up the skills,

experiences gained, knowledge etc.

Use YP as ambassadors

Use Yp to do peer to peer social media

Have high profile end events, attach to science/arts festivals

Keep up to date with tech/culture- learn from YP

Use doodle poll

Have a one off launch event

Gain parental support and take that role for those who don’t have


Use cultural organisations that are a fitting context to project.

EG Theatres


BYC Suggest-

Working in partnership youth arts and cultural organisations

are invited to create joint publicity packs to go out to secondary

schools. Different representatives will rotate to take them along

and promote all of the current work.

Opportunity to showcase current work and bring it to life with

music, dance etc.

Contacts of interested yp would be gathered.

Potential for a pack to be given to teachers as a separate thing.

Meeting to be held to specifically plan this and to present our

organisations to each other so we know what we’re talking


B.fest year 3

Theme is “A place for young people”

Level is booked for a stage or marquee and stage type live event

Potential to take shows and young people to the fringe in


M.C.’s V Poets and stand up comedy discussed.

Marketing group will have more links with the Brighton Fringe

and hopefully attend workshops/existing training offers with

them and perhaps work experience etc.

The marketing group may have enough numbers to split into sub

groups this year.

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