Arts Express Agenda – 25.02.2015

Arts Express Agenda – 25.02.2015 at Brighton Youth Centre

  1. ‘SPACE’ Marketing Bag – current developments
  • Positive feedback from young people
  • Great response from 1st school visit
  • School visits taking time to set up
  • Next issue of SPACE due to be distributed from first week of May
  • Email Hannah and to have your flyer included.
  • first issue Evaluation date TBC
  1. B.fest 2015
  • B.fest Intro – A festival By young people, for young people.
  • Theme – A Space for young people
  • Events overview – invite people to introduce their events
  • Other Event spaces –  The Level, Cultureground – Exhibition Space, Performance space at BYC
  • What is missing – Headings – Digital, Visual Arts, Theatre, Dance, other
  • Any thoughts/ideas questions?
  1. B.fest Youth Events Team

Aim – Create a Youth Events and Marketing team

  • Young Representative from all B.fest events who can space the festival and how it is promoted to other young people.
  • Weekly meeting on Wednesday eves
  • Residential
  • Link with Local Radio  – does anyone have a good contacts?
  • Link with Latest Tv – does anyone have a good contacts?
  • You Tube Channels – does anyone have a good contacts?
  • Any training offers for the group?
  • Sign up form on wall
  1. Our future City
  2. Next Express April/May
  3. AOB

**Join us next door for refreshments Wed Events team, open mic and Young Inventors Centre activities**

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