Joint Arts Award Moderation 16.09.2015

Date: Wed 16 September 2015

Time:  1pm

Venue: Brighton Youth CentreBrighton, BN2 0JR

If you are interested but unsure what to do next email Hannah at

Next steps

Confirm the names of the young people being moderated:

Fill in the attached mass enrolment spreadsheet and email back to

Deadline for confirming names is 3 weeks before the moderation date. Once names have been confirmed this is the minimum number of young people you will be charged for.

You can substitute or add names up until 7 days prior to the moderation date. After 7 days you cannot make any further changes.

Please remember that when you confirm the names of young people being moderated you must correctly indicate which trained Arts Award adviser has assessed each candidate’s portfolio and all advisers must be linked to your centre. Providing incorrect information at this point will lead to your moderation timings being calculated inaccurately. 


Please note

§  Each individual centre booked on to a joint moderation will pay a minimum fee of £110. All of the centres booked on to the moderation date, combined, must reach the overall minimum fee of £385.

Should the centres combined not meet the overall fee of £385, the balance due will be split equally between all centres and you will receive an additional invoice for your share.


Preparing for your moderation

§  Please download the moderation handbook, which is packed full of useful practical information for advisers preparing for a successful moderation

§  Please check that you are using the most recent toolkit when delivering and then assessing your young people’s Arts Award portfolios as this is the toolkit that you will be moderated from. The most up to date toolkit is fourth edition (Feb 2014) for Bronze, Silver and Gold. If you are using older editions you can download the updated pages by going to or purchase a new toolkit.


§  Check the centre resources area of the website for useful resources including blank adviser assessment report forms and evidence checklists


Offer of support

Arts Award is now offering additional support opportunities for trained advisers. These free sessions will give you the chance to refresh your knowledge, ask questions and explore ways of making Arts Award work in your organisation. Check out the support sessions section of the website for more details on attending a free surgery or receiving a free support visit from one of our trained support consultants


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Best wishes,




Alan Lynch

Arts Award Moderation Coordinator (Bronze/Silver/Gold)

T 0207 820 4731

Trinity College London

AMP House

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