The meeting was facilitated by Mike Roe with assistance from Farrah (YP:17) & Alfie (YP:16).

Farrah & Alfie also made some general visual notes on A3 paper for the meeting .

Minutes & sign in: Charlotte Allen

Photographs: Jamie (YP:18), Luke (YP:15) & Amy MacGregor

Attending: 30

Organisations: 11

Independent practitioners: 3

Young People: 16


  • B.FEST 2016


Introduction & General B.fest information

  • Deadline extension for submission of events into B.fest – now 23rd February.
  • Invitation to all present & those part of the network to submit an event or join with another organisation to do so.
  • Invitation to all present and those part of the network to invite and encourage young people to submit an event
  • Young people do not need to submit a whole event but can submit
  • submit an individual piece of art/sculpture to Cultureground (B.fest’s art exhibition)
  • submit an act/song/dance/performance. for performance at the B.fest@the Level or another event either as individuals or as part of a group
  • that their band/acting group/comedy group etc perform at one of the live events
  • Please encourage young people to email or call the b.fest team directly if they want or to participate/submit their events/ideas through their organisation or youth worker.
  • BYC offered as a venue for events during B.fest with different spaces available


  • request that Launch event not be on the Bank holiday
  • Request that the Launch not be on the Friday/Saturday before half term as this is often a celebration pre exam time for young people (YP)
  • Comicom is on the 1st weekend of b.fest, so launch should not be then (YP)
  • But Comicom after party on that weekend (YP)
  • Confirmation that Jubilee library has been a good venue for the launch but that the cost of it is now to expensive.
  • Is launch part of main festival, or should it be a few days before as it has been in previous years? Consensus to this question (and in respect of the earlier points about the first weekend) is that ‘yes’ it should be before.
  • Discussion round different possible venues with The Open Market seen as a real possibility. Agreement that Youth Arts Team will pursue this to confirm if it is a possibility and if so what dates.
  • Suggestion raised if launch can be at BYC (YP), but consensus was that BYC is not central or well known enough as a venue
  • Offers of other venues such as Hope & Rain on Queens Road (kim shortt has a contact – Andy Rosseter) – known venue with good music (YP)

B.fest@the Level

  • Reiteration of invitation to submit acts/songs/performances for the Level
  • Looking for a diverse mixture of acts
  • Other activities such as inflatable gladiator/sumo fighting/waterslides/waterfight (YP)
  • flashmob
  • Neon/light ticks after dark
  • Robot relays/cardboard costumes & space hoppers as a sumo alternative
  • Need to connect to Level cafe

28th May – Meet the artists@the library

  • workshop already booked at the library
  • drop in service to meet artists/professionals & get advice/discuss

What other events in B.fest?


  • skate design/art project or work (YP)
  • skate jam (YP)
  • fancy dress skate jam (YP)
  • filming in skatepark/documentary (YP)
  • djs in the skate park/music & skate (YP)

TED Talks

  • as part of cultureground?
  • SHould be at the Dome – make it a bigger event (YP)
  • Have talk in dome, and after discussion in dome cafe (YP)
  • Upscale of the debates/ted talks
  • Young carers to deliver a talk?


  • interesting format to present and talk about current issues or ideas. As part of cultureground or as a separate event
  • Good way for young people to present something
  • connect to photography group – #cameraheads

Pop up shop

  • As last year?

Flash mob

  • Churchill square flash mob on launch day (yp)
  • Art installation by another organisation is happening during fringe in churchill square (subway train) – flashmob could link to this?
  • flash mob every day of b.fest (YP)
  • Amy Macgregor to provide contact who can work with/train a flash mob
  • Need to organise workshops for this – when?

Fashion show/talent show/Brighton Vision

  • Young carers group would like to do a talent show, and are interested in both being in it, but also in the production of it. Request for support & possibly grants.
  • B.fest events team have already suggested doing a BrightonVision song contest. (YP)
  • Request from Remade in Brighton to repeat ‘Trashion Fashion show event
  • Gladrags to get involved with Fashion show – make link between organisations.
  • Suggestion to have one evening combining these events (YP)
  • Young carers group to discuss and report back on if they would like to form part of a group to put on a combined event
  • Events team/BYC interested to support this (YP/BYC)
  • BYC can offer venue/technical support/rehearsal space

Rocky Horror Picture show

  • Scene/song from RHPS (YP)
  • Drag/fancy dress show (YP)
  • To be in talent show?

Music Colleges Competition

  • Different music colleges from Brighton & local area to have a competition  (yp)
  • This to be part of one of the gigs


  • City College film screening@BYC
  • Film screenings

Bake Off/food

  • Competition (YP)
  • could extend into cake sale (YP)
  • Chocolate making (YP)
  • Other food related event such as a sushi/japenese day including fancy dress to match theme of the event (yp)
  • Kemptown Kitchens have a possible venue for this

Animee Workshop

  • drawing/professional workshop (YP)
  • can form part of cultureground workshop programme

Street fighter/computer games challegne

  • at BYC or at jubilee library
  • open competition
  • 2 hours of a free gaming space

B.fest Publicity & Marketing

  • More publicity needed before/during the festival – Flyering in churchill square

B.fest Events team

  • Have had 1st meeting
  • Meeting wednesdays 6-7pm @BYC
  • Invite open to all young people who are interested
  • Will be designing programme/flyer/wristbands
  • Would like to submit designs for future space envelopes (YP)
  • Submit photographs/designs for programme (YP)
  1. O2 Grants
  • Brief explanation of O2 grants which are still available. Young people must apply themselves, but can obviously be supported by organisations/youth workers.
  • £300 grants available, with a bigger fund of £2000 availalbe if you are offered the smaller grant.
  • O2 were supposed to run a workshop for the fringe to explain application process. This didn’t happen, but suggestion that such a workshop could be held at BYC asap.
  • B.fest has been given the fringe code for the O2 so there is a later deadline (April?): Fringe Code: BRFR
  1. Belixi Theatre Company

Branwen Lorigen presented Bexhill 6th forms new project.

  • Bringing together young people and professional playwrights, actors & other theatre professionals with the idea of modelling & discussing all the different roles in theatre, sharing best practice etc from Arts Council.
  • Having a networking day in June, will share date.
  • Group from B.fest could go to Bexhill before June

Suggested that perhaps there could be a workshop in B.fest week, cultureground?

  • Definite possibility. Invitation from Branwen to email her for more information, who will liaise with Belixi
  • Also discussed B.O.A.T (brighton open air theatre) – raised as possibilty of a venue (contact them through their website) and they the have just launched their website for the childrens festival which runs 2-17th July – b.fest could connect to this.
  1. Any Other Business
  • #Cameraheads
  • Alfie (YP) presented #Cameraheads, the photography club that has been running since last year. After loosing their funding, the group of young people has decided to continue the project. They are currently still being supported by Lindsey (who facilitated the group last year) but the aim is to be independent. They are aiming to produced some work to be displayed at B.fest Cultureground, but this isn’t the sole aim of the group.
  • They want to share practice ideas, take relevant trips, meet artists & improve their photography techniques
  • The group is open to all young people. After discussion, the definition of ‘young people’ was explained by Alfie to be people who considered themselves to be young people. If they were outside of the 13-25 age range this is also ok, provided they considered themselves to be young people.
  • They will meet alternate Tuesdays and Saturdays (week 1: Tuesdays, Week 2: Saturday mornings) at BYC.
  • Please email Alfie if you would like more information, they look forward to welcoming new members.
  • Young producers project
  • Kim Shortt from Brighton University in collaboration with The Dome presented their new project: for 13-19 year olds.
  • Small group of young people (5-6) who will have access to shows @the Dome between February and June with the aim of getting a taster of what it is to produce theatre/events. After show discussions and access to backstage/supporting the production side for 1 show: Spectrum in March.
  • Open invitation (and unlimited numbers) for show ‘A local boy’ on 26th February. Please reserve tickets in next 2 weeks. Can be done by emailing Kim Shortt
  • Possibility of doing a workshop/discussion as part of B.fest
  • Interested in b.fest blog – reviewing shows/yp reviewing Dome shows
  • Rocket Studios
  • Layla Tully presented the new project starting with Rocket in April at Phoenix studios.
  • Offering weekly studio space for adults & young people with learning disabilities (self defined) with support.
  • Focus on visual arts but film/sculpture etc – all kinds of art.
  • Working in a supported environment to develop your artistic interests & potential
  • Invited to those interested to talk to her after the meeting or email.
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